4 wedding flower trends for 2015

Here are 4 wedding flowers ideas set to become style statements for 2015.  And not only will finishing touches like these help make your special day the talk of the town, but they can be incorporated into any budget! 1. Metallic touches The use of gold, copper or...

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How to get value for money

Plans for your wedding are getting underway and you may be trying to work out your flowers budget…  Here are a few tips for getting the most for your money. 1. Be aware of the big variations in the costs of different flowers The main thing to remember is that there...

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Inspiration for autumnal weddings and events

Autumn has a unique beauty all of its own. Here are some flowers and foliage you can choose for your wedding or special event that will really reflect the season. For me, two flowers that particularly seem to mark the change from summer to autumn in the flower shop...

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Flowers for my summer wedding

It can often be quite difficult to work out exactly what flowers will be available for your summer wedding, as well as how to make the most of the season’s flowers, and how to capture the flavour of summer.  I hope the following guide answers your summer wedding...

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Welcome to Florissimo

Welcome to the new website and blog page for Florissimo; a florist specialising in flowers for wedding, events and businesses. I hope this site and blog will help and inspire brides and bridegrooms with their flowers and, of course, others requiring flowers for any...

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