I must say, as a florist, I rather like the winter months because the season brings with it some of the most beautiful flowers.  Here are some flowers and foliage, and ideas, to add some seasonal chic to winter weddings and events.

Glamourous golds, silvers and deep, rich colours

All-white flower displays with silvery foliage are very popular during the winter, but I love rich, warm colour schemes for this time of year, such as reds and purples. The bouquet above (centre-left), which was for a woodland-themed wedding, included amaryllis, tulips and roses, all deep-coloured flowers available at this time of year.

One current trend being featured across the wedding industry is the use of lots of gold and silver, which is particularly beautiful for winter and Christmas weddings.  Berries and foliage can be sprayed gold or silver: I especially love the silver-sprayed ammi above (far-left), as the florets looked like ice crystals.

Gold and silver-coloured containers can also be used as with the silver ammi above, as well as gold or silver ribbons.

What winter flowers are available?

Amaryllis – these large flowers are a true winter flower, and are available in red (as in the red and purple bouquet above, centre-left), white, two-toned red and white, and peach.

Anemone – have lovely velvety black centres and come in red, white, pink and purple (above, centre-right).

Hellebores – a pretty, dainty flower, most usually available in white and pale green.

Leucadendron – have a deep claret colour, with a hidden bright green centre. They are a tropical flower and therefore available year-round and look fantastic in rich, wintry and festive palettes.

Narcissi – have a sweet scent; varieties include Innisidgen and paper whites.

Waxflower – I especially love waxflower.  It’s very similar to gypsophila, which has of course become very popular in the last few years.  Waxflower is sometimes a better alternative to gypsophila when combining with other flowers.  It comes in white and dark pink.

These flowers can all be mixed with year-round favourites such as roses, lisianthus, orchids, lilies, snapdragons or stocks, and blue or sage green eryngium thistle (above, far-right – this also looks particularly seasonal when sprayed silver).

Winter berries and foliage

Seeded eucalyptus is one of my favourite foliages because of its beautifully trailing shape, which is great for naturalistic bridal bouquets (see the reddish-green berries in the bouquet above).  As with all eucalyptus, it has a gorgeous scent too.

Red berries are a classic ingredient for festive displays.  In addition to holly berries, there are:

Ilex – tall branches topped with a mass of red berries.

Hypericum – in addition to red, hypericum come with green, cream and peach berries if you would like to be a bit more unusual.  Hypericum also has a lovely subtle fragrance, a little like lemon thyme.

Skimmia japonica – has smaller, more claret-coloured berries.

There are some lovely silvery-green foliages that are fantastic for winter designs:

Eucalyptus – baby blue, parvi or seeded, for example.

Senecio or dusty miller is very on-trend.

Brunia – these silvery berries add an elegant frosted touch, especially to white flower displays.

Mimosa – like seeded eucalyptus, this can be used to create a trailing or wispy shape (see the smaller, more delicate, silvery foliage in the red and purple bouquet above).

I hope this has given you some ideas for your wedding or event.  This is just a selection of what is available and ideas that can be incorporated.  Even in winter, there are lots of different options for dressing your wedding or event!  You can arrange a consultation to discuss your requirements and ideas further here.

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