Your wedding flowers will be included in many of your wedding photos, and are an important part of the colour scheme for your big day. Brides often ask for flowers in the same colour as the bridesmaids’ dresses, but a great way to really bring out the colour of the dresses on your wedding photos is to use complementary colours for the flowers. For example, a bouquet with mainly greenery will seem to get lost when photographed against an olive dress, but a soft pink bouquet will enhance both colours.

And if you are having a white bouquet, it will need plenty of texture and foliage to give it some oomph when photographed against a white wedding dress!

Bouquet style and your dress

Some bridal bouquet styles suit particular dress styles. Make sure that the bouquet you are holding won’t take over your dress in the photos:  a large, cascade bouquet would be too overpowering for a dainty tea-length dress for instance.

You may want to bear in mind the texture, fabric, details and shape of your dress when choosing your flowers: for example, a smooth-textured wedding dress may be best complemented by a contrasting bouquet of different textures, and vice versa.  A slim, close-fitting dress will be enhanced by a tall bouquet and an empire-waist dress will look good with a bouquet of long stems bound right under the blooms.

Additionally, some brides choose the style and size of their bouquet to suit their figure: for example a flowing cascade bouquet for a fuller figure and a teardrop bouquet for a petite figure.

In front of the camera

When it comes to having the photographs taken, if you have a hand-tied bridal bouquet, tip the bouquet slightly forwards so that as many of the flowers as possible will be visible. You may also want to have a photo of the bouquet on its own: placing the bouquet on a chair, a stack of tree trunk rounds or a tree stump make for very effective images.

I always leave instructions on how to attach buttonholes and corsages, but I’d advise nominating someone – probably the best man! – to check the buttonholes are all being worn on the left and are straight..!! Makes everyone look so much more dapper in the group photos!

Make sure you have a lasting memory of all the little details from your wedding: ask your photographer to take close-up shots of buttonholes, corsages and floral crowns as they may be too small to see in group photos. Also ask your photographer to take close-up photos of flowers in your bouquet.


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Photography of Florissimo wedding flowers: First and bottom two – Jade Langton-Evans Photography; third (blue) – Jonathan Kinnear Photography; fourth – Amy Taylor Imaging

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