It’s lovely to capture the fresh prettiness of spring flowers for a spring wedding.

Here’s a few different ways to do this.

Spring flowers
What are the classic spring flowers that can be used for weddings?  Tulips, hyacinths and irises, as pictured, are of course lovely spring choices, along with daffodils (and are all purse-friendly options).  Others include hellebores, ranunculus, anemone, narcissi and scilla, as well as muscari (grape hyacinth).  These are all delicately feminine spring flowers. and many of these have a gorgeous scent too.

Blossom and catkins
Pink and white cherry blossom, yellow forsythia and silvery pussy willow seem to be the epitome of spring.  These could be incorporated by choosing tall venue arrangements of blossom branches, or by having an archway decorated with blossom.  Bridal bouquets can also be complemented by interspersing some slightly longer stems of blossom, or pussy willow in amongst other flowers (see the bouquet with pussy willow at the top).

Spring colours
Purples, yellows and pinks make for a classic spring-time palette, whether strong vibrant shades of these colours as above or more subtle pastel shades.
Indeed, mixes of pastel shades of all colours give a spring-like effect. Pastel colours are incredibly versatile and combine very harmoniously.  Hellebores, tulips and ranunculus are good examples of spring flowers that come in a range of pastel shades.

If you have a spring wedding, you can find out more about these, or other ideas on spring flowers, by getting in contact by calling 01939 262871, or by using the contact form.

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