Some couples choose their wedding flowers for their symbolic meanings.  In Victorian times, couples exchanged flowers with different meanings as a method of communication and expressing their feelings, like a kind of love-letter.  How magically romantic!

Rose meanings

The symbolism of roses depends on their colour:

Red rose: deep emotion

White rose: purity

Pink rose: admiration and appreciation

Pale purple rose: love at first sight

Yellow rose: friendship

Orange rose: passion and energy


Other flowers and their meanings

Here are some other popular wedding flowers with their attributed meanings:

Ammi majus (the clusters of tiny white flowers above): safe haven

Calla lily: magnificence

Jasmine: grace and elegance

Lisianthus (pink flower pictured): calm

Peony: good health, healing, prosperity

Ranunculus: radiance

Sunflower: adoration


The carrying of a bridal bouquet is itself connected to more general symbolism.  Historically, the bride carried a strongly-scented bouquet to ward off evil spirits, as well as for good health, new beginnings and good luck.

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