This month’s blog takes a look at what flowers you can choose to complement the colour scheme for your wedding, as well as what are being tipped as the trend-setting colours this year.

How do I combine colours in my flowers and with my other wedding colours?

Your wedding flowers are one of the best ways to link colour throughout your celebrations.  You may be wondering what flower colours will complement dresses, as well as the decoration and furnishings of your venue, and additionally how to combine different colours within your bouquets and other floral displays.  Brides often ask for flowers in the same colour as the bridesmaids’ dresses, but a great way to really bring out the colour of the dresses is to use complementary colours for the flowers.

There are three main ways to combine colours based on the colour wheel.

1. Complementary colour schemes are the most well-known and combine colours opposite each other on the colour wheel: i.e. blue looks even more blue next to orange or peach (see above), and vice versa, and the same with yellow and violet, and with red (or pink) and green.  So if you want to show off those favourite beautiful yellow roses, they will have an extra sunshiney glow when combined with violet flowers.  Importantly, with wedding flowers, it’s often better to use lighter and darker shades of colours: e.g. yellow roses with complementing mauves, as well as dark shades of purple.

2. Analogous schemes combine three colours/shades that are next to each other on the colour wheel, as with the pink dahlias, pale mauve scabious and blue cornflower and brodiaea above.

3. Monochromatic colour schemes use lighter and darker shades of the same colour and are very easy on the eye.  The pink bouquet above is an example of this.

There has been a recent move towards bolder, more colourful schemes in weddings; for example, combinations of the three primary colours, red, yellow and blue, or variations of these colours (called a ‘triadic’ scheme).  These colours set a really fun, exciting and happy tone to the day.

Colours for 2016

‘Rose quartz’ (pink) and ‘serenity blue’ (pale blue) have been announced as the Pantone colours for 2016, and are a fantastic fresh combination, as with the pink dahlias and blue flowers above.  Other pink flowers are anemone, aster, astilbe, astrantia, bouvardia, calla lily, freesia, hydrangea, lisianthus, orchid, peony, ranunculus, rose, sweet pea and sweet william.  For blue you can choose agapanthus and brodiaea, cornflower, delphinium, eryngium thistle, hyacinth and scilla (Blue Bells).

Deep reds with delicate pinks and peaches and olive is also becoming an increasingly popular colour scheme.  Darker, more dramatic colour schemes will be used more, especially with industrial and urban-themed weddings.

To discuss colours for your wedding flowers, or to book a wedding flowers consultation, please call 01939 262871.  For a list of flowers and the colours in which they are available please go the Florissimo Flower Directory on Pinterest.

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