What trends are we going to see in wedding flowers in 2016?  Bouquets and floral décor will continue to be more naturalistic, but will also include more unusual flowers.

1. Hanging and trailing flowers

Flowers tumbling down all around your venue give a lush garden feel.  Trailing flowers such as the red amaranthus above, spilling across your table decorations, are so pretty.  Other trailing flowers and foliage are jasmine, seeded eucalyptus, ivy and ruscus.

Hanging props such as dream-catchers, lanterns and chandeliers are lovely when decorated with flowers.

The stems of flowers themselves, particularly roses, can even be suspended from ceilings or other props.

2. Large bridal bouquets

Large bouquets with delicately overflowing foliage are a real style-statement.  These kinds of bouquets are most beautiful when they feature a few key flowers set against lots of contrasting greenery, as with the blush-peach bouquet above.

3. Woodsy floral schemes

Woodland weddings, as well as woodland inspired décor for inside venues, are becoming increasingly popular.  A “woodsy” look is achieved with the use of lots of different foliage (as with the colourful top table display above, with berried ivy, mimosa and pistache); using props like tree rounds as above and using branches for creating arches.

4. Unusual flowers

I particularly enjoy creating floral displays with lots of contrasting shapes and textures: this ensures a really eye-catching effect.  The more unusual flowers and foliage below will increasingly be used to create this textured style this season:

  • many-petalled flowers like the large pink chrysanthemum blooms above
  • protea (above, centre)
  • thistles (such as the blue eryngium in the top table display)
  • succulents
  • burnt-red chive-like sanguisorba
  • frilly-petalled deep red scabious flowers
  • scabious seed-heads (above with the peach roses)
  • fruit such as mini-pineapples, grapes and berries
  • amaranthus.

Feeling inspired? Get in touch to arrange your wedding flowers consultation on the contact page.  For more ideas for your wedding flowers see my earlier article on current wedding flowers style.

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